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Halloween Scrubs: 9 Costumes You Can Make Using Scrubs

Halloween Scrubs: 9 Costumes You Can Make Using Scrubs

Maybe you’ve got a Halloween party to get to right after your shift. Maybe you don’t feel like shelling out $100 for an oversized unicorn mask. Or maybe your scrubs are just really comfy and you’re all about that poly-cotton blend life. Whatever your reason, here are some Halloween scrubs costumes you can put together with ease this October.


1. Basically Any Orange is the New Black Character

Orange is the New Black was an instant success when it hit Netflix in 2013, and the series hasn’t slowed down since. Luckily for adoring fans, the characters’ outfits translate to very recognizable and simple Halloween costumes.

Honestly, all you really need for this one is a pair of orange or khaki scrubs, black close-toe shoes, and a white or grey t-shirt. Add a name badge, play your hair up to whichever character you’re going for, and you’re golden. This also makes for a great group costume—it’s basically a guarantee that none of your friends will be left out. 

Orange Is The New Black

Image Source: Good Housekeeping



V-Neck Scrub Top Pumpkin Drawstring Cargo Pant Pumpkin Long Sleeve Layering Tee Grey Black Converse


2. Kim Possible

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the early 2000’s, this one’s for you. Kim Possible’s look is super easy to replicate. The staple for this outfit will be a pair of army green cargo pants with pockets. You’ll also need a black t-shirt, a brown belt, and black shoes, and dark gloves. Bonus points if you can get your hands on a red wig and a pager. 

Kim Possible

Image Source: Wikia



Women's Gen Flex Youtility Cargo Pant Olive Short Turtleneck Top Perforated Classic Vans Brown Belt


3. Star Wars: Episode 4 Luke and Leia

With Star Wars: Episode 7 having just been released in December of last year, you’ll probably be seeing a fair amount of Rey and Kylo Ren costumes this Halloween. Swim against the tide, and go as Episode IV (regarded by some as the best episode) Luke and Leia instead.

For Luke, you’ll need a simple pair of khaki scrub pants with a matching, untucked, long-sleeve top. Pair this with a pair of tall, khaki work boots, a work belt, and (ideally) a light saber.

Princess Leia’s costume is virtually the same—Khaki scrubs, tall boots—just add khaki scrub vest, and set your hair in a crown braid or Princess Leia’s iconic braided buns.

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia

Image Source: StarPulse Hub Pages




White Scrub Top Khaki Pants Desert Suede Boots Therafirm Socks Faux Leather Belt Lightsaber



Scrubzone Women's Pants Workwear Under Shirt Puffer Vest Grey Boots

4. Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn may be a convicted felon (fictionally speaking) and completely crazy, but we have to admit—she pulls off that prison uniform with more style than anyone we’ve seen lately. Not that her teacup and fuzzy slippers would actually be allowed behind bars, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that DC Comics probably wasn’t going for realism here.

Here’s what you’ll need: Orange scrub pants and a matching jacket; a white t-shirt; pink fuzzy slippers; pink and blue hair dye; dark eyeliner; pink and blue eye shadow; a little bit of crazy.

Harley Quinn

Image Source: Bustle



Halloween Scrubs Top Orange Sorbet Halloween Scrubs Bottoms Orange Sorbet Cotton Crew White T-Shirt Pink Fuzzy Slippers


5. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters was another top movie from 2016, adapted from the 1980’s classic with a highly comedic cast. The characters from the movie make for great costume inspiration, and it’s an easy idea for a group of friends. Also, ghost-busting is probably going to be a very in-demand service on October 31st. Funny, current, and practical.

Your base layer for this costume will be a khaki scrub set, with a tucked-in top or jacket. The rest of this outfit is all about the accessories: black boots, a grey belt, leather gloves, a backpack (better yet, a leaf blower), and plenty of orange reflective tape.

Image Source:

Khaki Warm Up Jacket Khaki Drawstring Pant Ghostbusters Patch Rubber Rain Boots Web Plaque Belt Ghostbusters Backpack Rubber Gloves

6. Flo from Progressive & the “Orbit Lady”

These two are a match made in advertising heaven. They don’t actually interact on TV, but they would definitely be best friends in another dimension. Grab a friend, and go as these two gals who would surely bond over the fact that they’re both clearly too excited about their day jobs.

For Flo, you’ll need white scrub pants, a short sleeve white scrub top, dark sneakers, and an apron. Write “Progressive” in blue block letters across your shirt, and wear a name badge.

For the “Orbit Lady”, you’ll need a white a-line nurse’s skirt, a white scrub jacket, a blue belt, and a neck scarf. Carry around a pack of orbit gum and tell people to “clean it up” for added effect.

Flo ProgressiveOrbit Gum Commercial

Image Source: Pinterest | Afternoon Special





Blue HeadbandWhite Swan Button Front Scrub TopWhite Swan Women's Elastic PantApronBlue Converse Chuck Taylor   


"Orbit Lady"


White Scrub JacketWhite SkirtAustin Bone ShoesSilk ScarfBlue Belt


7. Abby from NCIS

NCIS’ Abby Sciuto is a fan favorite for many reasons. She’s quirky, she’s a forensics genius, and she plays a huge role in adding comic relief to an otherwise very serious drama. She also brings a lot of personality to her outfits. She may be required to wear a standard white lab coat, but that’s about where “standard” ends for her.

The only really specific item you’ll need for this costume is a lab coat. If you’re really going for it, get “NCIS” embroidered on it (or use a fabric pen if you’re looking to save a few bucks). Find some dark, statement clothing to wear underneath the lab coat, wear a pair of black shoes (ideally platform boots or Doc Martins), sport a choker necklace, and absolutely don’t forget the pigtails.


Image Source: CBS


Meta Lab CoatPeter Pan Collar Shirt Skull Leggings Dr. Martens BootStudded Choker Necklace


8. Florence Nightingale / Vintage Nurse

If you’re into historical costumes, here’s a serious throwback for you. Florence Nightingale was a major player in spearheading nursing as a profession, and she also heavily influenced the nurse’s uniform. What Florence Nightingale wore in actuality was a bit different from what we think of today as a “vintage nurse” uniform, but if you’re not too worried about complete historical accuracy, tie a cross bandage around your arm, carry a British flag, and talk about the Crimean war—you’ll be close enough. In my humble opinion, the 40’s and 50’s were the best years for nurse uniforms in terms of fashion, so that’s what our pick for this costume is inspired by.

You’ll need: a knee-length to floor-length white, collared, nurse’s dress; a nurse’s cap or bonnet; opaque tights; white, black, or brown lace-up boots or low-heeled oxfords.

Vintage Nurse

Image Source:



Vintage Nurse Dress Nurse Oxford Shoes Vintage Nurse Hat

9. Halloween Scrubs

Feeling a bit lazy this Halloween? We’ve all been there. You’ve got a busy schedule, and finding the perfect Halloween costume isn’t always a top priority. You have full permission to wear a pair of printed Halloween scrubs, tell everyone you’re dressing up as “spooky,” and call it a day. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween scrub tops and jackets:

“Happy Owl-O-Ween” Halloween Scrubs Top “Halloween Town” Halloween Scrubs Jacket “Ghouls Night Out” Halloween Scrubs top










Bonus: Kids Scrubs

If your little one wants to be a doctor, nurse, or veterinarian this Halloween, go for an authentic pair of kids scrubs or a lab coat. You can even get them embroidered to give them the doctor name of their dreams. Dr. Toothaker, Dr. McSnuggles... nothing is off limits. 


Kids Scrubs

Kids Scrub Set | Kids Lab Coat
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