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The 4 Best Shoes to Wear in Every Medical Environment

The 4 Best Shoes to Wear in Every Medical Environment

The four best nursing shoes to wear to work in every medical environment

Sneakers? Clogs? Heels?? Choosing the right shoes to wear to work isn’t always clear if you have a career in medicine. As with all jobs that are not sedentary, comfort is a must, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice style. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fret—we’ve done the leg (foot?) work for you. Here are our favorite shoes for medical professionals in all types of environments.


Reebok ZPrint Her Running Shoe

The Running Shoe 

ZPrint Her Running Shoe by Reebok $88.00

A classic tennis shoe. These shoes are by far the best option if you need to be on your feet all day long. Made with a soft mesh exterior and a Memory Tech Massage insole, these shoes are without a doubt the least likely to irritate your feet. They’re also versatile enough in color and design to go with any pair of scrubs.

Recommend for: Heavy walking, occasionally messy environments. RNs, veterinarians, medical students.


Profi Birki Birkenstock

The Professional Clog

Profi Birki by Birkenstock $89.95

A casual, simple clog. These shoes are a great option if you want a slip-on but need a little more coverage and durability. Made from a flexible polyurethane material, these clogs are oil, water, and dirt resistant—perfect for messier environments. They’re a little on the pricey side as far as clogs go, but they’re also a bit more fashion forward than your standard nursing shoe.

Recommended for: Moderate walking, mess-prone environments. Nurse practitioners, pediatrics, dental hygienists.


Landau Comfort Clog

The Comfort Clog

Unisex Comfort Clog by Landau $39.95

Another really great clog, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable. These shoes offer great arch support and padding, so they’re ideal if you have to spend a lot of time standing and walking. They’re also slip-resistant, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, making them another great choice for messy spaces.

Recommended for: Constant standing or walking, very messy environments. ER nurses, CNAs, hospital technicians.


Sienna Flat Crocs

The Fashion Flat

Sienna Flat by Crocs $34.99

(Image by Stroller In The City)

For a more stylish look. This pair of shoes is a great choice if you don’t have to do a ton of walking but still want shoes that are comfortable for everyday wear. They don’t offer much coverage, so these are best for small clinics or alternative medicine practices where you don’t have to worry about intermittent spills or fluids.

Recommended for: Light walking, clean environments. Dermatologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists. 

What kind of shoes do you wear to work? Let us know in the comments! 

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