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The Pre-Med Graduation Gift Guide

The Pre-Med Graduation Gift Guide

The Pre-Med Graduation Gift Guide

For most of the country, college graduation is just around the corner. If you haven’t found that perfect gift yet for your best friend/cousin/sister/nephew who’s graduating with a degree in Pre-Med, please feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, because this list is about to make your search a whole lot easier. Here’s our hand-picked list of graduation gift ideas for medical students.


Fleuriosity Flourishing Lungs Art Print

1. Fleuriosity Flourishing Lungs Art Print

Urban Outfitters, $18-299

This print is perfect for the nature-loving, art-appreciating med grad. As former students go off into the world to live in, well, not dorms, they’ll likely be on a strict decorating budget, courtesy of student loans and textbook fees. The Flourishing Lungs Art Print will breathe life into any space. (See what I did there? Too much? Just laugh.)


DNA Replication Stemless Wine Glass

2.  DNA Replication Stemless Wine Glass

Etsy, $18.95

Real talk. Med students and practicing professionals alike love their wine. This DNA wine glass is great for all the nights they’ll spend getting tipsy on rose with their fellow med friends, nerding out about the evolution of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Or maybe just catching up on Grey’s Anatomy… To each their own.


Brain Anatomy Mug

3. Brain Anatomy  Mug

Etsy, $14.95

This mug is ideal for all brainiacs, but even better for the brainiacs studying brains. Neuroscience majors please stand up?


Mantra Bracelets

4. Mantra Bracelets

MantraBand, $35

These stackable mantra bracelets would make a sweet gift for any occasion, but they’re especially great for graduates who are still finding their way to their dream career. Among our favorites for medical grads are “She Believed Could So She Did,” “Enjoy the Journey,” and “Have Courage and Be Kind.”


The Anatomy Coloring Book

5. The Anatomy Coloring Book

Amazon, $18.49

Practical, colorful, even stress relieving, this is a great gift for the pre-med grad planning on continuing his or her education. It’s basically a grown-up (probably more difficult) art book that doubles as a study tool. So students can enjoy prepping for exams, and they don’t have to steal pages from their niece’s Disney Princess coloring book anymore. A win for everyone.



6. Journal

Shinola. Medium Journal, $22. Journal Cover, $195.

Admittedly, Shinola products are a bit of a splurge, but these hand-crafted, American-made journals and journal covers are beautifully designed and built to last for years. Every great doctor-to-be needs a trusty notebook, and if you ask us, these are the way to go.



7. Pens

Ensso, $45

For anyone entering the medical field, pens are an absolute must. The average medical professional—especially nurses—will go through approximately 35,000 pens in the span of their career (*estimation not backed by research). Most of those will probably be 75 cent drug store pens. Why not get them one that will last a while? For the minimalism enthusiast, Ensso pens are some of the best on the market.


NCLEX & Chill Tee

8. NCLEX & Chill Tee

Mod Nurse, $24

And last but not leaset, the all-too relatable tees by Mod Nurse. One of our favorites for graduation is the NCLEX & Chill Tee. For students graduating from nursing school and soon after pursuing their nursing license, this t-shirt will definitely hit home. You can stock up on these tees at, or here at Scrub Shopper. 


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