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Jockey Warmup Jacket

Tis’ the season for layers. As the weather starts getting colder, you’re probably going to want a jacket to pull out for coffee runs, long days in poorly insulated hospital rooms, and I’m-not-quite-awake-yet early morning shifts.

The Jockey Athletic Warmup Jacket is one of our all-time favorite nursing jackets. It’s simple, it’s modern, and it’s versatile enough to wear both on and off the clock. Here’s our take on how you can wear this jacket three ways:

1. The Workday Warm-Up

It’s that time of year when you probably shouldn’t turn on the heat in your house yet, but man you wish you could when you get out of bed at 6am. Even the office is chilly, and it’ll take a good amount of walking around before you remember what warmth feels like. This jacket is the perfect layer to wear over your scrubs  on the way to work in the morning (or during work, if your unit allows it). We would coordinate this jacket with the Jockey v-neck top and matching drawstring pants. They come in about 10 colors, so you should be able to find a set that meets your unit’s requirements.

jockeyjacketjockey pantsjockeytop

Jacket: Scrub Shopper, $36 | Top: Scrub Shopper, $28 | Pants: Scrub Shopper, $30


2. The Post-Work Jog

For that one day a week you feel like going for a run after work (More than that? Serious props to you.), this jacket doubles as a great running layer. Pair it with some ankle-length leggings, a short-sleeve or sleeveless activewear top—currently obsessed with Outdoor Voices’ collection of simple running tees—and your favorite pair of running shoes.

jockeyjacketShortstop Teeleggings

Leggings: Nordstrom, 97$ | Running Tee: Outdoor Voices, $70


3. The Weekend Coffee Run / Study Session

If you’re in nursing school, your weekends probably look something like this…

Nursing School

Even if you’re not cramming for a nursing school exam, caffeine is not a negotiable part of your day. When it’s (regrettably) time to crawl out from under your fuzzy blanket and make a trip for a double shot latte, you can pull this jacket on over your favorite comfy t-shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans. Minimum effort, maximum comfort, and you’ll still be able to pass yourself off as a well put together non-zombie.


jockeyjacketjeansgrey tee

Top: Everlane, $22  | Denim: Madewell, $135


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    That jacket is cool for daily wear.

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